Our City Radio Minneapolis Metal proudly welcomes A Little Crazy Entertainment as today’s business feature.

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A Little Crazy Entertainment is one of Minneapolis’ best businesses for bands and musicians.


A Little Crazy Entertainment is business that is totally for musicians and is owned and operated by Chuck Parnell, who is by far one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to music. A Little Crazy Entertainment is a Minnesota based entertainment company working with local rock, hard rock, metal, and punk bands on management, promotion, marketing, production, booking and artist development. Chuck also offers  photography and a podcast and video show “Metal Dude”as well. What makes this business one that is repeatedly chosen, is that Chuck has the experience to help musicians and bands with things they may struggle with on their own, such as booking gigs, promotion , and marketing . He is a huge asset to the Minneapolis area music scene and is highly respected in the community. He is also a radio personality and the host of his show, Metal Dude. Metal dude is a show I enjoy watching because I promote many of the bands he features and it’s wonderful to see how Chuck works with bands. You are actually getting more than you pay for when working with Chuck. He will follow through to make sure your needs are met and the quality of work he does is excellent. A Little Crazy Entertainment is Minnesota based so if you are a band in the Minneapolis area, you can trust in the fact that Chuck knows the scene, the venues, and how to successfully market and promote a band. The website for A Little Crazy Entertainment is www.alittlecrazyentertainment.com. There is also a Facebook page which I encourage you to check out. Chuck posts current shows, upcoming events, and excellent resources for musicians. Not only is the business awesome , but his episodes of his show Metal Dude are equally awesome. This show features local bands and Chuck does a great job at giving bands much-needed exposure. Working with Chuck means you will get great exposure from a man with a great work ethic. It’s a win -win situation for everybody. Businesses like A little Crazy Entertainment help our local economy and music scene by booking a band into a venue and by bringing that crowd into the venue, that business prospers. When Chuck works with a band magic happens, I encourage you to check out one of his Metal Dude shows, and you’ll see what I mean by magic. It’s all around excellent.


A Little Crazy Entertainment information :

Chuck can be reached at (763) 226-0345,  There is also a contact form set up on the website  http://www.alittlecrazyentertainment.com. He may be contacted at Facebook as well. He is conveniently located in Blaine, Minnesota. His hours of operation vary, and is available to bands and musicians by appointment only. Chuck offers the very best in services to his clientele and is highly recommended as ones choice in music promotion and bookings.


Chuck Parnell of A Little Crazy Entertainment.


Our City Radio Minneapolis Metal Station gives a huge thanks to Chuck Parnell for allowing us to feature his business. I also thank you the reader for supporting Our City Radio and for selecting local businesses like Chuck’s. You all are very much appreciated.


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