Edmond Themeli

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Edmond Themali

Our City Radio proudly welcomes Edmond Themeli, International performing vocalist as today’s featured artist.

Our city Radio Minneapolis Metal proudly welcomes international performing vocalist Edmond themeli as today’s featured artist. Hailing from the European country Albania, he has made his musical mark all over the world. Featured on the television shows Xfactor and Albanians Got Talent he has made a musical name for himself. He is currently being featured in the fan film for the band the Scorpions. His strong vocals have given him wonderful reviews internationally. He is also currently collaborating with other musicians on an upcoming single. He has shared the stage with some of the most well known talent in Albania, which includes Eugent Bushpepa. He will also be debuting his talent in America soon as well. He is a powerhouse of metal vocals. I encourage everyone to check him out at his Facebook page, You tube, and Reverbnation where he holds the number one spot on their charts for his area. His motivation and love of music have made him a musician who is well loved by many, including myself.


Biography for Edmond Themeli, Albania’s vocal sensation:

Born in 1975 in Korca, Albania, as a child he was introduced to the arts by his father, who was an impressive artist and painter. His love for nature and the influence of his artistic father led him to drawing and painting. In his mid-teens, he heard the band Whitesnake on the radio and his life was changed forever. He had discovered Heavy Metal Music.As he listened to bands such as Europe, Scorpions, and Iron Maiden,he began to sing along with them. Later his musical interest and vocal abilities grew as he was introduced to bands like, Guns N’ Roses, Deep Purple, Helloween, and many other bands within all genres of Metal. A few years ago, he realized that he had distinct and strong vocals. He continued to practice and strengthen his voice.  He was a recent X factor contestant in Albania and a former performer on Albanias got talent and The feedback from fans and friends has been incredible and inspiring. This support has given him the drive to pursue his passion for music on a new level. He is currently involved in the Scorpions worldwide fan documentary. His strong vocals and determination make him an international force to be reckoned with. He currently holds the number one position on Reverbnation for the whole country of Albania’s metal chart.


Edmond Themeli, Not only Vocalist but Albania’s only professional snake expert.

Edmond Themeli has also just had his first publication in a US magazine titled simply “Reptiles”. He has been featured on several television shows for his amazing skills in the field of herpetology. I had the honor of snake hunting with him, and He definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to reptiles. Just one more of the many talents this man possesses. He has taken groups of people snake hunting in the mountains and been a guide for many. Not only is he a vocalist, and snake charmer he is also a well respected artist. His drawings and paintings have also got him excellent reviews. This man is a man of many talents. Please check out his amazing talents in the above listed sites.



Our City Radio Minneapolis Metal Thanks Edmond Themeli for making this feature possible and I thank you the reader for supporting all independent artists everywhere. Minneapolis throw em’ up for Edmond Themeli \m/


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Melissa Themeli

My name is Melissa Themeli I work as a music promoter. I have been involved with the music scene since i was 16 years old. I bring years of heavy metal knowledge and I utilize that knowledge with promotional skills to best represent and promote bands and solo artists in the genre of metal music.

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  • Edmond Themeli


    Thank you for everything you are doing to me and i love you very much :)


    • Melissa Themeli


      love you too <3


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